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Sicklerville Dental Implant Surgery 


You have been suffering from a toothache for several days now. You have tried to get relief from the pain by using the usual home remedies and nothing seems to work. Your dentist has recommended that you visit a specialist in dentistry, who will recommend you to undergo dental implant surgery. This is a procedure where your tooth is removed and replaced with an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is made of titanium metal which is biocompatible and does not cause any harm to the surrounding tissues.

The tooth that has been extracted is placed in a small cavity created in the jaw bone. The artificial tooth is inserted into this cavity and then the surrounding bone is allowed to grow around it. Once the bone grows around the tooth, the patient can feel no pain at all. This procedure is very successful and is preferred over other methods of tooth replacement because it gives the patient the feeling of a natural tooth.

If you are looking forward to undergoing this procedure, make sure that you consult a good dentist. The doctor will ask you some questions regarding your health history and then suggest you a suitable treatment plan. There are various procedures that can be performed depending upon the condition of the patient. For example, if the gum tissue surrounding the tooth is healthy and is free from any infections, the doctor can extract the tooth without any complications. However, if there is a gum infection, the doctor may have to remove the infected tooth along with the gum.

In case of a loose tooth, the doctor may recommend a root canal treatment or may recommend the extraction of the tooth. In case of an abscessed tooth, the doctor may recommend the removal of the tooth along with the affected gum. If the tooth has become decayed and the gum tissue is infected, the doctor may recommend a complete extraction of the tooth along with the gum. If the tooth is fractured, the doctor may suggest the extraction of the tooth along with a crown.

There are certain factors that determine the success rate of the treatment. These include:

• The condition of the gum tissue
• The condition of the bone tissue
• The location of the tooth
• The number of teeth that need to be replaced
• The age of the patient
• The type of food that is eaten by the patient
• The level of activity of the patient

Once the tooth is extracted, the doctor will prepare the site for the implant. The doctor will clean the area and then will fill it with bone graft material. The bone graft material will help the bone tissue form around the tooth. After the bone graft material has been set, the doctor will insert the artificial tooth into the jaw bone. This will provide the patient with the feeling of a natural tooth. For more information visit 

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